Folkestone Amateur Boxing Club Dinner Show Friday 18th November 2016 - Three Hills Sports Park
Tickets are now on sale for this years annual boxing dinner show. In 2016 we have a change of venue as the event will take place at Three Hills Sports Park on Cheriton Road in Folkestone. Ticket prices remain unchanged. Dinner tickets are priced at £40 which includes a full evening of boxing and a three course meal. Dinner guests to be seated for 6:30pm and boxing starts at 8pm. We are limited to only 150 diners this year so be sure to get your tickets early. 
We will have general admission tickets for those wishing to attend just for the boxing and these will be priced at £10 per person and are available on the night. 
For further enquiries and tickets call Harry Slater on 01303 253489 or 07946 326004
Folkestone Dinner Show 20th November 2015
Last weekend was a very busy one for members of Folkestone Amateur Boxing Club as several of the clubs boxers were in action at various points over the weekend. 
Friday evening was the clubs annual dinner show at the Leas Cliff Hall and an action packed card of 16 bouts included 8 Folkestone Boxers. Connor Quigley was the first Folkestone boxer in action winning his debut contest by a unanimous points decision against Tom Bowers of Invicta Boxing Club. Quigley showed little sign of nerves as he outworked his opponent in every round. Next up was Rocky Hutton who continued Folkestones strong start by winning his contest against Westsides James Kimble by a split decision. Levi Quigley, brother of Connor was next in the ring and and despite producing a great effort in every round lost a points decision against Matt Gibson of Invicta. 11 year old Lennon Roberston was in a fantastic contest against Freddie Wood of Billericay. The skills both boxers show cased on the night delighted the crowd and with so little to chose between them the Billericay boxer took a split points decision. In the last of the junior contests David Edwards took another split points decision win against Peter Cash from Rumbles boxing academy in a very close contest which could have gone either way. 
First of the senior contests was Connor Elson who faced Billericays William Ely. Desperate not to disappoint the home fans Elson landed some heavy right hands throughout to take a unanimous points decision after an exciting 6 minutes of boxing. Greg Conlan in his first contest for Folkestone was involved in a very competitive bout against Chris Burnside of Kemsing Boxing Club. With both landing clean shots throughout in this entertaining competitive contest it once again went to the judges scorecards with the verdict going to the away boxer by another split decision.
The final contest of the evening involved experienced boxers Jack Gough from Folkestone and Michael Chalkey from Billericay. Gough dominated round one by putting good combinations together and using the angles well however round two was a much closer affair. As both boxers tired in the final 2 mins of this fiercely fought contest it was left to the judges to decide. The Folkestone boxer taking the decision. The club would like to thank all those who attended to make the night a success along with Dean Garnham whose excellent matchmaking ensured such close and entertaining boxing throughout the evening. 
On Saturday Archie Nolan boxed in the national quarter finals of the NABC championships facing Michael Cash of West Ham. In a close contest with both boxers giving their best,. this exciting contest went by split decision to the West Ham boxer.
Annual Boxing Dinner Show Leas Cliff Hall 20th November 2015 
This years club dinner show will be taking place Friday 20th November 2015 at the Leas Cliff Hall. This year we aim to put on a show which showcases local talent and aim to get as many of our Folkestone boys on as possible.
We would love your support for this as the funds raised from ticket sales will help keep the club going for the season and to continue the good work we do for the kids in the local community. Dinner tickets which will include a 3 course meal and coffees will cost £40.00 per person. If you would prefer to simply turn up and just watch the boxing then gallery tickets will be available priced at £13.00
If you require tickets or further information on the show then please phone 01303 253489 or 07946 326004. Please note boxing starts at 8:30pm and those dinner guests should arrive and be sat for dinner by 6:30pm.
Xmas Opening
The gym will be closed from Friday 19th December for the xmas break and will re-open on Monday 5th January. On behalf of all the coaches we wish everyone a merry christmas and a happy new year.  
Sunday morning under 10's sessions have been cancelled with immediate effect due to coach unavailability. Aplologies for any inconveniences this may cause.
Annual Boxing Dinner Show Leas Cliff Hall 1st November 2014 
It's that time of the year once again where Folkestone Boxing Club will be putting on the annual boxing show at the Leas Cliff Hall. This year will be a bit special as not only will the show take place on a Saturday night (1st November)  it will also include a team event whereby a select team from Southern Counties which will include local Folkestone Boxers will face a select team from Wales. We are expecting a fantastic evening of boxing and the biggest show the club has put on for years.
We would love your support for this as the funds raised from ticket sales will help keep the club going for the season and to continue the good work we do for the kids in the local community. Dinner tickets which will include a 3 course meal and coffees will cost £40.00 per person. If you would prefer to simply turn up and just watch the boxing then gallery tickets will be available priced at £13.00
If you require tickets or further information on the show then please phone 01303 253489 or 07946 326004. Please note boxing starts at 8:30pm and those dinner guests should arrive and be sat for dinner by 6:30pm.  
Maidstone Ghurka Show 3.5.14
Last weekend was a great weekend for Folkestone Amateur Boxing Club as they had two of their boxers in action at Mote Park Leisure Centre. 
First up was the 13 year old Freddie Perkins who faced Michael Grover from the Strood Amateur Boxing Club. Perkins who had a slightly longer reach than the Strood boxer kept it long range and outclassed his opponent in the opening round with fast straight shots. In the second Grover had to come forward for any chance of success but Perkins showing how much he has improved this season used good foot movement to make his opponent miss and then counter punch. Going into the final round the Folkestone Boxer ahead on points began to drop his hands when he received a stark reminder from an overhand right that it was not over until the bell. A final rally from Perkins ensured the contest went in his favour winning a unanimous points decision. 
Next up was James Rhodes a junior middleweight who was facing Richard Long from the Maidstone Ghurkas Boxing Club. For the first 30 seconds of the opener the Maidstone man looked in control as Rhodes was looking to cut down the ring. The undefeated Folkestone boxer then used great head movement to slip a right hand to land a massive left hook which startled his opponent. Rhodes then picked up his workrate and landed several more clean shots to ensure he took the opener. Willed on my the home crowd Long came out firing in the second and Rhodes fired back in return in what was turning out to be a thriller. Rhodes once again coming out better in the exchanges. With both boxers determined to get the decision the final round was once again action packed with neither boxer willing to give an inch. However it was the Folkestone Boxer with his head movement and cleaner shots that took the final decision by a unanimous verdict in what was his best performance to date.  
Senior Elite ABA Finals Liverpool
Josh Kennedy suffered heartache at Liverpools Echo Arena in the ABA Elite National Championships after a terrific performance. He was drawn against the tournament favourite Reece Bellotti from the South Oxhey Club in Fridays quarter final. Bellotti was tipped for the title as he had won the ABA title for the last 2 years running and was ranked as the England number 1 Bantamweight. 
Although the draw was not the easiest for the Folkestone boxer he knew he had to beat the best at some point in the tournament if he was to win it and obtain the dream of becoming crowned England number one. 
Kennedy boxed beautifully in the first round winning the round clearly with superior boxing skills keeping it at long range. Knowing he was behind Bellotti came out fighting with relentless pressure in the second where both boxers traded furious blows on the ropes. The England number one having more success with body shots. With it all to play for in the final round both boxers were relentless in an action packed final round with both boxers giving everything they had in an enthralling contest which was worthy of a national final. 
The final decision went to Bellotti although there really was not a lot in it. Although the Folkestone man was upset that his tournament was over he put a message out to the boxing world that he belongs on the bigger stage and is capable of competing at the top level. Bellotti who was quite marked up after the contest said it was one of the toughest contests he had ever been in. The following day in the semi final the England number one suffered a surprise loss on points claiming it was the bout with Kennedy that took it out of him for the following day. 
Kennedy who will now be ranked nationally at number 5 or 6 Bantamweight in the country will now sit down and think about his future either to turn professional over the summer or have one more year at trying to fulfill his dream in the amateur ranks. Hopefully he will get another chance to box for England on this performance but for now he must look at the positives that such an experience such as this will give him in his bright future in the sport.
Senior Elite ABA pre quarter finals
Josh Kennedy hopes to realise his dreams of becomming England number one in Liverpool this weekend as he boxes Friday in the Finals of the Senior Elite ABA championships. The Folkestone Amateur Boxing Club Bantamweight won his pre quarter final bout last weekend in Aldershot against Lewis Adams of the Holland Shore Boxing Club from Basildon, Essex.
Boxing for the first time without a headguard under new AIBA rules Kennedy made a cautious start losing the first round on workrate. The Folkestone man picked things up in the second landing a big right hand which wobbled his opponent and Kennedy started to take control.  After his cornerman told him he needed a big last round Kennedy came out all action for the final 3 minutes landing at will without being hit in return due to his superior footwork and fast hands. Once again Kennedy wobbled his opponent and began to slow Adams down with some well placed body shots. When close to stopping his opponent the bell rang to signal the end of the round with Kennedy taking a unanimous and well deserved points decision.
With a chance of partipating in this years Commonwealth games a real possibility should he win the tournament Kennedy is taking nothing for granted as he knows he will be facing the best Elite 56kg boxers in the country at Liverpools Echo Arena. The event is being covered this year by Sky Sports and Kennedy is hoping to put both himself and the town of Folkestone on the map.  
Schoolboys Championships
Two of Folkestone Amateur Boxing Clubs future stars have had a very successful season to date. Freddie Perkins was runner up in the Schoolboys Championships and Archie Nolan went one better by winning the Southern Counties Schoolboy title. This was the first year any of the boys had participated in a championship and it proved to be a great learning experience for the 13 year old boys. Winning the Southern Counties title was a huge boost for Archie Nolans confidence and it proved to be the case as he boxed last weekend as champion against Chris Addaway from Bracknall winning a unanimous points decision after an excellent display of boxing skills and work rate.  
Local MP Damian Collins who was visiting the club this week presented both the boys with their Championship certificates and offered some words of encouragement to the two boxers to keep and working hard.  
Strood Show 15.11.13
Folkestone boxer Freddie Perkins was in action at the weekend with his third contest in the space of 4 weeks. The 13 year old Folkestone Academy pupil boxed in Strood against Archie Bye from the Kemsing Amateur Boxing Club. 
Full of determination Perkins started well with fast hands and feet as his strong opponent kept pressing forward trying to outwork Perkins. Freddie however showed his class by hitting his opponent and moving away at angles. At the end of round one Perkins timed a perfect rear uppercut as Bye came rushing in which bloodied his opponents nose just as the bell went to signal the end of the opening round. 
In the seocnd round the Kemsing boxer received several warnings from the referee for fouling as he was so eager to stop the Folkestone boxer. Perkins took this in his stride and stuck fully to his boxing landing with some great scoring shots however did take a big right hand towards the end of the round. 
A similar pattern occured in the third and final round when Bye was deducted a point for repeatedly refusing to follow the referees instructions. 
Although this was a tough bout for Perkins the Folkestone boxer won by a unanimous points decision in what was another classy display from the young Freddie Perkins.   
Special Presentation for Super Slater 
Harry Slater has been part of Folkestone Boxing Club since as early as the 1970's. He boxed for Folkestone, then coached and took over the day to day running of the club in the early 1990's. For the past 10 years he has also been Treasurer for the Souther Counties ABA and more recently over the past 12 months he has become a director of the Amateur Boxing Association of England. As well as this he is a fully qualified judge and referee and attends shows all over the country doing his bit for the sport. 
Harry has helped so many individuals over the years and has given so much to the club and to the sport of boxing that he was called into the ring at this months club boxiing show at the Leas Cliff Hall to be presented with very rare framed photo of Muhammad Ali and also a book which contained messgaes from those boxers he has helped over the years.
Folkestone Boxing Annual Dinner Show 8.11.13
Folkestone Amateur Boxing had a very busy evening at the Leas Cliff Hall on friday night with five of its boxers in action. The event was very well supported by the locals and a great evening of boxing took place. 
Following on from his recent win a fortnight ago young Freddie Perkins was first up and faced a very stiff challenge against Tom Rooney from Turners Boxing Academy who used his greater experience to land a good body shot at the end of the second round. Although Perkins bravely boxed on in the final round he was retired by his corner as it was clear he was in some discomfort from the earlier body shot. 
Next up was 13 year old Archie Nolan who was eager to please the local supporters against Ben McCarthy from the Marston Club. Nolan started at a very high pace and won the first round comfortably demonstrating good boxing skills that he has been working on in the gym. His opponent from Bedfordshire began to find more success in the second round as Nolan, too keen to impress began throwing his shots wide and out of the body frame allowing his opponent to catch him through the middle. With it all to play for in the final round he was urged by his corner to tighten up, stick to his boxing and sharpen up his work. Nolan gave it everything in the final round and cheered on from the support in the crowd managed to take a well deserved majority points decision in what was a very entertaining contest. 
15 year old James Rhodes from Hythe made his debut againt John Walsh from the Isle of Thanet boxing club. The Folkestone boxer showed remarkable composure to take a very impressive unanimous points win.
Next up was senior boxer Zishaun Malik who faced John Adams from Marston ABC. Malik started well in the opening round with fast combination shots catching his opponent. In the second round however Adams found a way back into the contest with good counter punching shots which were clearly landing on the target area. Even though Maliks workrate was much higher than his opponents in the final round Adams was landing the better scoring shots and at the end Adams took the points decision. 
Finally the crowd got to see another debut, this time from Andy Grisford who faced Abdul Hussan from Canterbury ABC. In the opening round Grisford failed to get his range and was picked off by the Canterbury man who had started aggressively. As the bout went on Hussan began to run out of steam however Grisford could not capitalise and the decision went to the Canterbury man. 
Overall the evening went very well and the club would like to thank all of those who attended for their support for the event. 
Canterbury University Show 9.3.13
Zi Malik of Folkestone Amateur Boxing club was in action at the weekend in his second contest in 7 days in a rematch with Joe Poomipanit from the Ramsgate ABC . It was reported last week that both boxers were disqualified in a heated contest in Margate the week previous and this weekend Zi managed to keep his cool and box his way to a unanimous points victory at the Kingsmead Leisure Centre in Canterbury. Zi started the first round very sharply catching his opponent with a variety of fast combinations completely outclassing his opponent. With the Ramsgate boxer getting frustrated things began to heat up a little in the second round when Poomipanit began to goad the Folkestone man. Zi however showed that he had learned from the previous week and managed to stick to his boxing and continue to pick up points. The final round was all Zi’s who was deservedly given the unanimous decision by the judges.
Margate Show  2.3.13
Folkestone Youngster Harrison Frew and senior Zishaun Malik boxed at the Winter Gardens last Saturday.
Frew took on Toby Salmon from Hastings ABC in which was a close exciting bout. The Folkestone coaches felt Harrison had done just enough to win however the decision went to Salmon.
In what was Zishaun Maliks debut contest the Folkestone boxer looked very sharp and strong in what was a hot blooded affair against Ramsgate boxer Joe Poompanit. In what was a vauable learning curve for Malik both boxers were disqualified in the second round for not listening to the referees instructions as the contest began to heat up.A rematch is planned for next weekend in Canterbury.     
Isle of Thanet Show 23.2.13
On Saturday Josh Kennedy was in devastating form as he continued his preperations for the forthcoming ABA championships. Kennedy who was last week concentrating on weight management was offered the bout mid week against Margates Ricky Leech of the Isle of Thanet Boxing Club. Leech had great support for his home show which took place at the Marlowe Academy in Ramsgate and was clearly motivated for the contest. 
Kennedy started positively from the off looking very sharp and showing great reactions when making his opponent miss then scoring with some beautiful uppercuts. Just before the bell to signal the end of the first round there was a heated exchange in the corner when Kennedy landed a big body shot which clearly hurt the Margate boxer who was glad to be able to get back to his stool a recovery. 
In the second round Kennedy started to go through the gears and began to show why he is one of the best featherweights in the country. As the Margate boxer threw a right hand Kennedy slipped outside and landed a big body shot causing his opponent to crumble to the canvas. After receiving an eight count the contest continued but it was clear Leech was still hurt and when Kennedy oppened up yet again working the head and body the referee had seen enough and called an end to the contest.
Kent v Sussex 16.2.13
Folkestone Amateur Boxing Clubs junior boxer Archie Nolan was selected to represent the county at the weekend in an intercounties squad match between Kent & Sussex. The event which took place in Ramsgate was well attended and was a great experience for the 12 year old Nolan from Folkestone. 
Archies opponent was Carl Beech from the St Mary's club who held a similar record going into the contest. Nolan started slow as he found it difficult to find his range for scoring shots against his much taller opponent however after receiving instructions from his corner at the end of the first round he started step in with his shots to score with some great combinations in the second. In an action packed final round where both boxers gave everything, it went to the judges scorecards where Beech received the nod in a majority decision. The contest could have gone either way as it was very close and although Nolan was very dissapointed with the result his coaches were pleased with his performance. He listened to instructions and showed great maturity as a boxer to find his range. It is such a great honour to represent your county and to have done so at only 12 years old Nolan should feel very proud and excited for the future as he is improving week by week.
Woodnesborough Show 14.12.12
Josh Kennedy met Dezzy Bowater in Birmingham for their eagerly anticipated rematch following Kennedy's defeat at the Leas Cliff Hall in November. This time Kennedy made no mistakes and won the contest by unanimous points decision. 
Josh together with his coaches at the Folkestone Amateur Boxing Club have been working hard in the gym to prepare him for this chance to make amends and he repaid them back with interest. The first round was a little tense and tentative with both boxers looking to feel each other out and neither willing to commit to attack however things really started to heat up in the second round as Kennedy started to find his range and use his superior footwork to land some beautiful clean scoring shots. We knew that the counter punching boxer from Woodnesborough boxing club would come out firing the last round wanting to impress to his home supporters but Kennedy's hunger to win showed as he upped his work rate with double phase attacks in the final round. Bowater tried his best to rough Kennedy up and take him out of his stride however Josh stuck to his boxing and completely outclassed Bowater to take a well deserved decision with all judges finding in Kennedy's favour.
Kennedy will now have a well deserved few days off before before starting his preperations for the prestigious ABA championships which begin early in the new year as he begins his quest to become England number one. 
Guildford Show 9.12.12
On Sunday two of Folkestone Amateur Boxing Clubs future stars were in action at a show in Guildford and both produced outstanding performances. First up was 12 year old Oakley Weightman who faced Jimmy Cash from the Guildford club. Weightman started the contest very busy from the outset using his longer reach to great effect. In the second round Weightman's high work rate nearly forced a stoppage as his shorter opponent was struggling to get into range to throw his shots. Determined to not leave the decision in any doubt, Weightman produced a big last round to gain a unanimous decision from the judges. 
Next up was young Archie Nolan who faced another Guildford boxer James Hearne. The 12 year old showed from the off how much his confidence has grown with a fantastic array of boxing skills picking his opponent off with ease using angles and great hand speed which frustrated his opponent. The second round was a much closer affair as Nolan took his foot off the gas however when told to up the work rate for the final round once again Nolans timing was perfect as he managed to pick his opponent off without getting hit himself to take a unanimous points decision. 
Both boys won comfortably showing great skills and determination and should be very proud of their performances. They both listened to instructions given by their coaches and followed them exactly. This demonstrated great maturity in boxers so young and they both certainly showed that they both have a very bright future in the sport if they keep up the hard work
Rumbles Show Sittingbourne 2.12.12
Nick Bird who attends the Folkestone Academy made his boxing debut on the Isle of Sheppey against Patrick Cash from Rumbles Boxing Academy. After an excellent start behind the jab picking his opponent of with ease Nick received an accidental elbow in the eye in the second round which left him in no position to continue. It was a real shame as Nick had the beating of his opponent and was ahead on points but these things can sometimes happen in boxing and Nick must take the positives out of his performance.  
Horsham Show 24.11.12
Jack Gough produced a gutsy display to beat Lee Martin of the Whitehawk Boxing Club on a unanimous points decision at a show in Horsham. Gough used the angles well with fast footwork to outscore his opponent with counter punches. At the same show Sukrit Bumnoh in his second contest for the club was retired in the second round after he was on the receiving end of some heavy blows from his strong opponent.
16.11.12 Dinner Show Leas Cliff Hall Folkestone
Folkestone Amateur Boxing Club held there annual dinner show last Friday at the Leas Cliff Hall Folkestone and the event was a sell out with many Folkestone boxers making their debuts. 
Olympic prospect Josh Kennedy lost a very close contest by majority decision against Dezzy Bowater from Wodnesborough Boxing Club. Kennedy out boxed his opponent in the opening round winning it comfortably against the counter puncher from the West Midlands. With the home crown willing him on he changed his tactics for the second round wanting to take the fight to his opponent to please the crown but this played into his experienced opponents hands as he was their to be countered. It was level going into the final round with both boxers boxing at a high work rate but at the final bell it was Bowater that just got the decision in a closely fought contest. Kennedy has a rematch in 3 weeks time and will look to reverse the decision up in Birmingham.
Another exciting contest for the crown was Matt hastings bout against ex Folkestone Boxer Kris Baker who now boxes for the Isle of Thanet Club in Margate. From the outset Hastings proved far to strong for Baker, dropping him in the first round with a body shot. In the second round Hastings could not miss Baker as he landed with some big uppercuts forcing Baker down on one knee yet again but the referee had seen enough and retired Baker half way through the second round in what was a comfortable win for Hastings. 
Other results from the night: H Frew (Folkestone) lost pts to G Starbuck (Tree Estate ABC), F Perkins (Folkestone) lost after RSC against L O'Leary (Ashford), O Weightman lost pts to L Wilson (Ashford), S Bumnoh (Folkestone) lost pts to J King (Turners ABC), A Ghafoor (Folkestone) lost pts to J Fowler (Tunbridge Wells), M Beer (Folkestone) lost pts to L Shepphard (Turners ABC). 
The club would like to thank the local people for their support during the evening and generosity of those who sponsored some of the bouts.  
Harringey Box Cup 2012 
Two of Folkestones boxers took part in the Harringey Box Cup last weekend which was a 3 day international tournament at the famous Alexander Palace in North London. Folkestone's representatives this year were Jack Gough and Matt Hastings who earlier this year shared the honour of being voted by the coaches as the clubs boxer's of the year. 
Jack Gough managed to make the semi finals on the Saturday before losing a close points decision to Ryan Gunning from Brentwood Youth. Gough found his very mobile opponent difficult to catch in the first round but towards the end of the second round  Gough used the skill of cutting his opponent off to land a big right hand causing his opponent to wobble. The final round was Jack's best round and he skillfully picked off his opponent without being caught himself to put himself in with a chance of victory but when the verdict was read out the decision went to the Essex boxer. 
Matt Hastings however went one better by winning his semi final against John Mendes from the Granite Boxing club in Scotland on the Saturday then faced a tough final against the strong Chris Russell from the Lansbury boxing club the following day. Hastings took a while to get going and lost the first round however after instructions from his corner to use the uppercuts when in close range he proceeded to turn things around landing some fantastic scoring blows in the second. Going into the final round both men were tired however in what was a thrilling contest from start to finish the Folkestone boxers workrate and determination were enough to win the gold medal and be crowned 2012 Class B under 75kg Harringey Box Cup champion. 
England v Scotland 16.5.12 
Josh Kennedy made his England debut in an international fixture against Scotland last week at Crystal Palace football ground. This was the first time Josh had boxed at this level so it was a real test for him. His Scottish opponent was the very experienced Steven Tiffany who had boxed internationally a number of times and had just returned from a successful tournament in Estonia with the Scotland team. It was a very proud moment to hear the national anthems played for the respective boxers and the packed crowd added to the atmosphere of this great event. 
As the contest started Kennedy showed very little sign of nerves carefully picking his opponent off and scoring with some good body shots to end the opening round 3 points ahead. The second round was very competitive as the Scot stepped up his work rate and as the bell ended the second round Kennedy held a two point lead to take into the final round. Knowing that he had to come from behind Tiffany used all his experience to pick up points in the final round and both boxers were involved in some fierce exchanges. As the bell sounded to end the contest Tiffany had taken the decision by a narrow 2 point margin winning the contest by 19 points to 17. This was the highest scoring bout of the evening and the work rate and determination of both boxers meant they received a standing ovation from the large crowd. 
Although Kennedy was naturally disappointed not to have won he clearly showed he has the skills and talent to box at this level and until the last 30 seconds of the contest he was ahead on points throughout. This was such a great experience for Kennedy and gives him an idea of what to expect at elite international level as he hopes to progress in his boxing career. England won the overall event 4 bouts to 3.    
Kennedy Receives England Call Up
Good luck to Josh Kennedy who will represent England in an international fixture v Scotland on 16.5.12. Boxing in the U57kg class the event will take place on the pitch at Crystal Palace Football Ground.
Ross Crowned Southern Counties Champion 12.5.12
Folkestone Boxing Clubs Ben Ross was crowned Junior ABA Southern Counties Novice champion at the weekend after winning a unanimous points decision against Joby Hughes of the Lawrence club. Ross stamped his authority from the first bell picking his opponent off with clear scoring shots. Towards the end of the first round Ross landed a big body shot which had his opponent in trouble and then in the second he forced a standing eight count on his opponent with a big over hand right to the head. Hughes was never the same after that and Ross cruised to a comfortable victory claiming his first boxing title. The next round of the championships are at the end of the month where the Southern Counties winners will face the winners of the Eastern Counties finals.   
Folkestone Boxing Club to Host Southern Counties Junior ABA Novice Finals 12.5.12
At the Leas Cliff Hall on Saturday 12th May 2012, Folkestone will be hosting the Southern ABA Junior ABA Novice Finals. The event will be an open show meaning you can turn up on the day and purchase a ticket on the door for £11. Boxing starts at 1pm and we will have a full afternoons boxing with up to 30 bouts expected. 
Folkestone's Ben Ross has made the Southern Counties final following a convincing win in the qualifying round and it would be good to have some local support for him as he aims to win his first boxing title. 
Junior ABA Southern Counties Novice Championships Qualifier - Hastings 14.4.12
In Hastings on Saturday, Folkestone Amateur Boxing Clubs Ben Ross boxed in a Southern Counties qualifying round for the national junior ABA novice championships. His opponent Chris Wickens from Crawley came into the contest with a good reputation however Ross started strongly picking up points with great combinations and even giving his Crawley opponent a standing eight count after landing a strong right cross in the first round.
With a southern counties final at Folkestone's Leas Cliff Hall being the reward Ross continued his high work rate and took a unanimous decision in the U75kg class. 
Senior ABA Southern Counties Final 10/3/12
Folkestone's Josh Kennedy became once again Southern Counties ABA champion at the weekend with a majority points decision over Jimmy Cooper from the Golden Ring Amateur Boxing Club.  Cooper had recently been selected to box for England and lost a close points decision against Sean McGoldricik a boxer who won gold at the last commonwealth games and Kennedy knew he had to be at his best against Cooper. The fact that Cooper brought with him coaches from the England Squad only added to the occasion.
Kennnedy's focus and motivation for these championships showed from the off scoring with some great counter punching and he even managed to put his opponent down halfway through the opening round. In the second round Kennedy started scoring with some heavy scoring shots which Cooper found difficult to respond to. In a hard fought last round Kennedy took a well deserved victory and sent out a statement to the other featherweights in these championships that is ready to be crowned national ABA champion this year.
The next round of this national championship will be the pre quarter finals against the winner of the London ABA's.    
Southern Counties v London Show 5/3/12
Folkestone Amateur Boxing Clubs Hayley Ceicora won a unanimous points decision against Anna Weston from the Waterlooville boxing club this week. The reigning Female ABA champion from Folkestone boxed well over the 3 rounds in what was a hard fought contest however as Ceicora was landing the cleaner shots this ensured she got the decision. 
Senior ABA Southern Counties Semi Final 3/3/12
Josh Kennedy made a winning start to his campaign to become England Senior ABA champion by outscoring Edward Leach from the Isle of Thanet boxing club at the weekend. 
Kennedy made a slow start to the contest against his tricky opponent but came from behind in the last round with an awesome display of boxing skill to ensure the decision was found in his favour by a margin of 28 points to 20. To fulfill his dream of becoming England number one , Kennedy has a long road ahead of him to reach the finals which take place in April at the famous York Hall in Bethnal Green. He needs to keep winning these qualifying rounds and at this level no contest is an easy contest and he needs to be on top of his game. His next contest will be the Southern Counties Final against Jimmy Cooper from Southampton's Golden Ring boxing club which will take place 10/3/12.  **please note pictures from this bout are on our gallery section**
Margate Open Show 18/2/12
Congratulations to Darren Childs who claimed his first senior win with a unanimous points decision at the Margate show this weekend. 
ABAE Senior Novice Quater Finals 26/11/11
On Saturday Matt Hastings ABAE senior novice championship quest came to a disappointing end in Oxford as he lost his national quarter final contest on a close points decision. In what was the contest of the day, Hastings gave it everything and the decision could have gone either way. Matt has to look at the positives from his recent fine run of form and build on this experience to help him in future national championships. 
Frank Bruno Academy Open Show 24/11/11
Folkestone Amateur Boxing Clubs Jack Gough produced a commanding performance last Thursday in Orpington to win a unanimous points decision against James Page-Allen from the Frank Bruno Boxing Academy. In Jacks first contest of this season he dominated throughout with great hand speed and head movement which frustrated his much taller opponent who found it difficult to find the target. Jack has worked very hard through the summer break and his hard work paid off with a great start to his 2011/12 campaign. Jack was presented his trophy by David Haye's trainer Adam Booth who was full of praise for the Folkestone boxers performance.
Three other Folkestone boxers were on the bill that evening. Mi Srisa-Art made his boxing debut and lost a points decision to Paul Havour of the Frank Bruno Academy. There were also points losses for Ben Ross and Harry Gibson.
Folkestone boxers represent Southern Counties 24/9/11
Two of Folkestones boxers were selected to represent Southern Counties in an inter county show against Western Counties which took place in Portsmouth on 24th September 2011. The experienced Josh Kennedy who has boxed for Souther Counties on numerous occasions started his season strongly by winning a unanimous points decision against Chris Adaway from the Mayflower club based in Plymouth. Our second representative who was boxing for the Southern Counties team for the first time was Matt Hastings who faced the very experienced Callum Harper from the Watchet club. Hastings boxed very well but lost a very close points decision on a majority verdict. Hastings should however take many positives from this contest as he prepares for the start of the U20 Championships which begin in October. Southern Counties won the show by a score of 6 wins to 5. 
Gold Medal for Kennedy 19/6/11
Josh Kennedy won a gold medal after beating Ryan Moorhead from Liverpools Gemini Club in the Box Cup final at 57kg. It was not an easy bout for Kennedy as not only was he carrying a hand injury going into the bout, his opponent also had a very awkward style which made it hard for Kennedy to get his shots off but by the final round Josh managed to clearly find the target finishing in style to take the decision and becoming the 2011Haringey International Box Cup Elite Champion for 57kg.  
Kennedy through to Box Cup Final 18/6/11
Josh Kennedy continued his awesome run of form with a convincing points win against Andy Colquoun of Salisbury Liverpool. Kennedy used his power and boxing skills to great effect in the bout and dominated the contest from start to finish. His reward is a place in tomorrows Box Cup final for 57kg against Ryan Moorhead of the Gemini Club in Liverpool. 
The two other Folkestone boxers involved in the box cup, Matt Hastings and Jack Gough both lost to their respective opponents but overal should be pleased with what has overal been a tough but successful season for them. They will now recharge their batteries before preparing for next season.  
Folkestone boxers through to semi finals of Harringey Box Cup 16/6/11 
All three boxers that Folkestone entered for the Haringey Box Cup are now through to the semi finals. The tournament which is taking place at Alexander Palace in Wood Green is a 3 day international boxing tournament with over 300 boxers taking part.
Jack Gough received a bye to the semi final which will take place on Saturday 18th June. Matt Hastings won a majority points decision over Aaron Carter Earlsfield in which was a close fought bout. Hastings winning overal with clearer shots in which was a very evenly matched bout. 
Finally Josh Kennedy was on top form as he boxed Sam Ojomo from the Lynn with his opponents corner throwing in the towel to retire Ojomo in the second round. 
All boxers will be in action on Saturday 18th June in the semi finals. 
Cieciora Lands National Female Boxing Title 12/6/11
Folkestone Boxing Clubs Hayley Cieciora became the second Folkestone female boxer to win a national title in 2 years by winning the prestigious ABA female boxing championships for under 71kg at a show in Mansfield at the weekend. Cieciora 23 boxed Katie Smith from Leigh amateur boxing club and won a points decision of 20-13 over 3 x 2 minute rounds. 
Boxing for a national title was by far the biggest test of Cieciora's boxing career to date. Cieciora had a big first round but had used a lot of her energy which led to her opponent out scoring her in the second round which left it all to play for in the final two minutes. It was down to the Folkestone boxing club coaches to motivate her for a strong finish which she managed to achieve by finishing strongly, demonstrating a variety of boxing skills and good work rate to win a well deserved decision.
With female boxing being introduced in the 2012 olympic's for the first time the Amateur Boxing Association expects female boxing to really take off next year and become as popular as the male version. All of the contests were of a high standard and the level of skills demonstrated from some of these girls are as good and in some cases better than the male counterparts.If you are a female who would like to have a go and see what all the fuss is about the club run a ladies night on a Tuesday and Thursday evening from 7pm - 8pm at a cost of just £2.